Several Major Elements Of Enameled Flat Aluminum Wire

  •    Several factors affecting the quality of enameled flat aluminum wire:

       One, lack of money and lack of people

    This concept is not difficult to understand. Small enameled wire production companies are far less wealthy than large enameled wire companies, and there are also great differences in financing capabilities. Because of lack of money, small and medium-sized cable production companies are often empty talks about research and development, and the foundation stays at the elementary level. Imitation skills. Similarly, because of lack of money, small cable companies have no ability to purchase high-tech production equipment, and often a backward production equipment can be used for ten or even twenty years! Other, closely related to this, the same is because of small The cable is short of money, so it is difficult to attract highly skilled talents and to meet the needs of the other party. Moreover, in the small and medium-sized enameled wire production enterprises, the employees' salary is lower than that of the large enameled wire production enterprises, and the boss's promise to the employees is difficult to realize in a short time, which constitutes a serious loss of personnel.

       Therefore, lack of money and people is the crux of the difficulty of small and medium-sized enameled wire companies to improve product quality. Because of lack of money, the hardware cannot keep up (including employees); and because of the lack of talents, the software cannot keep up (including process ability analysis, skill development, quality inspection, etc.), and the entanglement between the two ultimately constitutes the only situation that is Employees are not motivated, creativity is weak, and product quality is difficult to advance.

       2. Poor quality concept

       When large enameled wire companies worry about low product quality, small and medium-sized enameled wire companies still pay more attention to shopping malls. This is not difficult to understand. It depends on the different moods of small enameled wire manufacturers and large enameled wire manufacturers. When large enameled wire production companies are sweating for the counterfeit and inferior brands in shopping malls, some small cable companies are busy with counterfeiting. It can be seen that the mood of the station is different, and the mood of the quality of the enameled wire is also different. The most important point is that for small and medium-sized production companies, whether it is the leadership or the bottom employees, there are certain errors in their knowledge of quality management. Their knowledge about quality management control is lacking, and their job responsibility is different. shortage. For example, we often see such a phenomenon. Many enameled wire manufacturers classify the advancement of product quality as the operation of the quality inspection organization. When the relevant quality organization considers the product quality to be unqualified, the first response of these companies is often the quality inspection organization’s "card". "Self, and then through various methods to "make contact".

    In addition, it is precisely because of the state of mind of the corporate leaders that directly conveyed to the relevant quality assurance department the feeling that the quality is not passed the test completely is a matter of the quality inspection organization, even if the test is not passed, there are leadership "activities", and then the quality management is frustrated. The enthusiasm of the staff. Even under this "misunderstanding", some cable manufacturers have reported that when operators find quality problems in the operation, they not only deal with improperly, but hide and conceal reports. Workshop managers also pay more attention to output value and sales. Quality is perhaps the second most important aspect.

       Three, pay more attention to immediate benefits

       Obviously, it is not direct to make profits by advancing product quality. The most direct way is to obtain orders and occupy the market. Therefore, most of the small and medium-sized enameled wire manufacturers have much higher desire for market ownership than large cable manufacturers. This is understandable, because once a small cable manufacturer fails to win the order, it may pose a risk of tightness or even a crack in the capital chain, which will expose the company to extinction.

    Therefore, small enameled wire production companies pay more attention to the "market talents" of their employees. Whether it is a black cat or a white cat that can catch mice, it is a good cat. No matter what method is used, it is a good sale to win orders (of course, this is a big medium). Small cable companies are all the same, the difference lies in the degree of urgency). What kind of situation does this constitute? That is, when small cable manufacturers obtain orders with a relatively "tight time", they often blindly rush to launch, and neglect the quality of their products. And if the market is in good condition and the orders are one after another, this situation is particularly significant. As the saying goes, "the radish will not wash the mud soon". In order to pursue development and seek speed, the quality control often relaxes the requirements, which constitutes the product quality is unqualified. . In addition, even if the quality of the product is confused (it cannot be detected on the surface), such a product can never be used for a long time. In less than three to five years, the stability of the product will be damaged, severe or even serious disasters.

      Four, shopping mall environmental factors

       After all, the reason that affects the quality of enameled wire work is the environmental factors of shopping malls. At present, there are many environmental factors in shopping malls that affect product quality. The most outstanding ones are disorderly competition, vicious competition, and low-price competition. Because of the price war in domestic cable operations, there is no advantage for small and medium-sized cable manufacturers. The production equipment cannot keep up, the production technology is not advanced, and the shortage of talents makes it difficult to control the production cost. Cut corners and cut corners to save and control costs. In order to reduce costs, some companies significantly "shrink" copper conductors, which account for nearly 80% of raw material costs, greatly reducing the actual cross-sectional area; some manufacturers use impurity copper in their production, resulting in 49.6% of enameled wire products with unqualified conductor resistance indicators.

       Of course, this is only considered from the perspective of the cable manufacturer. What cannot be neglected is that some customers expressly require that "control engineering costs" be considered, blindly seeking low prices and ignoring product quality. This point also makes it clear why the domestic cable operation has fallen into a "price war", presenting the strange phenomenon of focusing only on price and not quality. The other parts of the related inspections that are not cleaned are not severely checked, showing the success of the "activity" in the third point above.

    In summary, if you want to deal with the low quality of domestic enameled flat copper wire products, you should first start with small and medium-sized enameled wire manufacturers, and change the four major elements through the government's hands. As long as the above four elements are dealt with, the enameled wire manufacturing company should For the future, the talent is really focused on the quality of enameled wire products. Otherwise, "you can't eat enough, who cares whether you eat well?"