What Is The Role Of Copper Chloride Dihydrate Manufacturers


    General Basic Copper Sulphate is an essential nutrient for the growth and development of our children. It promotes growth and development and treats rheumatoid arthritis and acne ulcers. Basic Copper Sulphate is a zinc supplement. Zinc is involved in the synthesis and activation of various enzymes. The synthesis of protein nucleic acid plays an important role in the digestion and absorption of intestinal protein. Zinc can promote growth and development, and maintains the level of free radicals in phagocytes through superoxide dismutase, accelerates wound healing, and is used for loss of appetite and developmental delay caused by zinc deficiency It can also be used for adjuvant treatments such as rheumatoid arthritis and acne ulcers. "Taking Basic Copper Sulphate can improve the appetite and diet of children. What is the effect of Industrial Basic Copper Sulphate?

    What is the function of Basic Copper Sulphate

    Generally speaking, the color of Basic Copper Sulphate in industry is colorless or white crystals, granules or powder, also known as halo, odorless and astringent. Weathered in dry air, all crystal water is lost at 280°C. Pure Basic Copper Sulphate does not turn yellow when stored in the air for a long time. It loses water in dry air and becomes a white powder with many hydrates.
    The Basic Copper Sulphate introduced by Copper Chloride Dihydrate Manufacturers is mainly used as a raw material for the production of pigment lithopone, lithopone and other zinc compounds. It is also used as a nutrient for animals when zinc deficiency occurs, animal husbandry feed additives, and zinc fertilizer for crops Microelement fertilizers), important materials for man-made fibers, electrolytes used in the electrolytic production of metallic zinc, mordants in the textile industry, medical emetics, astringents, fungicides, wood and leather preservatives, etc. It is obtained by the action of zinc or zinc oxide with sulfuric acid or by extraction and refining of sphalerite after baking in a reverberatory furnace.