Every knight will want to RuneScape

  • When you destroy all the castles, the ash nights will begin spawning out of old school runescape gold your own castle, and you find the wise old guy spawning them himself, so guess what? You gotta hurt him. Not kill him. Only half way, too scenic. He's 30 hp in this world so struck him down 15 hp and he will be dead. Once he has half way, hell yell.

    I will be useful! Please allow me to live. What are you really doing here. I had been hoping I can get ash out of them, allowing us create guards for my own castle, we started the war trusting about this, but we got you... Tell you what, you can keep this castle in the event you need it. Quest complete. 5000 in most combat exp. Ability to play Ash Knight war. Mini Game. The idea is that you have 4 castles which you each fight for. Each castle contains 5 guards that are players. 100 ash knights that migrate round your castle. They all have a different colour that's randomly given to each team and 1 dragon that is used by a single charecter.

    The Dragon is like the king, but he can fight by himself, but every knight will want to kill him unless someone is in their way. Once a Dragon is killed their team will be awarded points based on what period they lost. 3rd 20 points. 2nd 30 points. 1st 40 points. Here are the things you can buy... Ash knights armor- each pieces are 10 points. Red monster soul armor- 200 points. Black dragon soul armor- 400 points. Ultra soul armor- 1000 points.

    The Ultra Soul Armor provides you with a black dragon in real world, but it's more or less just for show, for it is just like your normal assault in harm as well as your dragon flame is similar to a standard attack. THE ARMOR The stats aren't that good as to the fact since they are only for display and the miniature game, They do not give any stat benefits at all, and if you attempt to use normal armor in the normal world you receive a message which states"Sorry, you can't use this in the actual world". As for exactly what the armor looks like, it is only a vest with Dragon wings on it. The ash knight armor every part gives you 1000 in each stat (yep, they're that bad) They have a greyish look, not iron grey, more milder then .

    The story: You board the ship, mystery and wonder awaits you. You wander onto the island and find the dreaded trap door. The monk warns youpersonally, regardless of his words you input. A 18 a 17 and another zombie down, you get the remains of the fall and wander through to find massive demons prepared for war. As you sprint through you visit your target. You visit chop and bam! The guardian approaches. You swing your trusty bit of bronze at her untill that the soul is dead. You chop the tree only to buy RS gold find relief and a very rare branch.