Revealed Animal Crossing New Horizons: 1.9.0 update

  • The 1.8.0 version released at the end of February updated some seasonal products. It also ushered in a series of updates on the theme of Super Mario Bros. It should be Mario time before the end of March. But afterward, version 1.9.0 will also come to the island with new content.

    Most fans probably won't want to hear this, but there's a substantial chance that Bunny Day will return within the new update. The event occurred from April 1 to 13 this past year and it would have been a travesty. The event almost became disruptive for the calm and relaxing game like Animal Crossing due to poor event design through the developers. I hope this event will be low-key and don't disturb other game activities unless there is the sound of Animal Crossing Bells.

    Players may additionally see the return on the April Fool's Day event. The chances of the event happening are extremely slim because Bunny Day usually starts from your first day of April. It wasn't celebrated in 2020, but developers might reconsider and convey back the wedding. Would you prefer it to be included in New Leaf?

    New reactions and anniversary celebrations

    Previous major updates had added plenty of new reactions for players to work with. With the Sanrio update, players can get a lot of new Sanrio-themed reactions with cute poses and dances. Players can try the newest poses with the revolutionary dresses and goods that will be available as part of the update. ACNH Items has always been the update that players are looking forward to.

    The update releases 2 days before the game's one-year anniversary, so players expected the developers to produce a major title update. But together with the absence of a title update, it appears like there won't be a serious event to celebrate the anniversary. Although, players might get a gift inside their mailbox as opposed to an event with things to commemorate the anniversary.

    Although such a thing shouldn't be talked about at this moment of the commemoration of Mario, players are already preparing to buy ACNH Items. But players who don't like Mario very much can look forward to the next version of the update, after all, the island will be full of related elements in March.