Animal Crossing: Get balloons in New Horizons

  • Getting balloons in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is an activity that players often do. It's similar to buying a lottery ticket once in a while in reality.

    Determine which side of the island the balloons originated from, and then according to the wind direction, when the digits of the minute hand are 4 and 9, running back and forth on the beach is the way to find them. Because the balloon is produced every ten minutes. Floating from one side to the other.

    After finding the balloons, then it's time to get them. After all, whether it is acquiring ACNH Bells or ACNH Items, it is worthy of joy.

    The common method is to aim with a slingshot and then shoot it down. You can get the gift contained in the balloon. But how do you get it when you hit a balloon but don't have a slingshot?

    So you're without a slingshot but a balloon has appeared? No worries! As long as you develop the Building Permit App and also a ladder giving you, you are able to still get that balloon. First, prosper of the balloon's directional path and build a cliff pillar using the Cliff Construction Permit tool.

    Next, take out your ladder and climb to your newly-made cliff, then swap for a bug catcher net. Now you only need to lie in wait for the balloon to drift past you, so that as soon because it is within reach, hit it using your bug net.

    Congratulations — you've just popped the first balloon and not using a slingshot. Don't forget to remove your cliff pillar afterward, after which grab your prize.

    Balloons often carry rare items such as recipes on special festivals. But after all, it is an unstable thing. Can only be used as lottery tickets, occasionally hunting them. If you have items you need, it is recommended that players Buy ACNH Nook Miles Tickets or Buy ACNH Items to get what they want directly. After all, upgrading and designing islands is what we artists should do.