What Are The Functions Of A Paper Bucket Manufacturer?

  • Paper buckets are something that we can often see and use in our daily lives, so there are many paper bucket manufacturer . But how much do you know about paper barrels?

    Paper barrels are also called fiberboard barrels. This is called by foreign customers. The barrel body is made of eight layers of kraft cardboard and glued by polyvinyl alcohol solution. The lid and bottom of the barrel are made of five-layer plywood by machine bonding.

    In recent years, paper drums have also been used more and more in markets such as welding wire, wires, food, and asphalt. Especially in the application of special chemicals, food, and asphalt markets, due to the need for a layer of special material on the inner wall of the paper drum, there are few domestic manufacturers with mature production technology. At present, the inner coated paper drum developed by Suzhou Delamate Packaging has attracted the attention of the market.

    The above are some introductions of paper drums. For more details, please visit Paper cup wholesale .