Introducing Paper Cup Wholesale'S PE Coated Paper Cups

  • Paper cups can often be seen in our daily lives, whether it is at home, school, company, or in major stores, there will be paper cups in almost every place. Therefore, there are many places for Paper cup wholesale . Today we will introduce paper cups.

    Paper cups are divided into single-sided PE coated paper cups and double-sided PE coated paper cups. Paper cups produced with single-sided PE coated paper are called single PE paper cups (the common market paper cups in China, most of the advertising paper cups are single-sided PE coated paper cups), and their manifestations are: The water side of the paper cup has smooth PE Coating. Paper cups produced with double-sided PE coated paper are called double-sided PE paper cups. The manifestation is: PE coated on the inside and outside of the paper cup.

    We use ounces as the unit to measure the size of paper cups. For example common 9 ounces, 6.5 ounces, 7 ounces of paper cups on the market, etc. Ouns are a unit of weight, which is represented here: 1 ounce of weight is equivalent to 28.34 milliliters of water Weight can be expressed as follows: 1 ounce (OZ) = 28.34 milliliters (ml) = 28.34 grams (g).

    The paper bucket manufacturer also has its method and unit for measuring size.