Production Requirements For Custom Printed Paper Cups

  • The custom printed paper cups of disposable paper cup manufacturers, as a novel way of advertising, have become one of the most economical, affordable, and easy-to-operate advertising media because of their closeness to life and low cost. So what are the specific requirements for paper cup printing?

    The ink drying temperature should not be too high. When the temperature is too high, over-oxidation will occur on the surface of the base film, resulting in poor heat sealing. But it is also necessary to prevent the printing ink from drying badly to avoid odor. Ambient temperature and humidity: Too high humidity in the workshop will cause the printed matter to curl. If the temperature of the film after printing is too high, adhesion between the upper and lower layers of the film will occur, which will also affect the subsequent paper cup processing and forming. The heat sealing performance required for continuous forming of paper cups and the printability of the PE film surface require factors such as ink composition, residual solvent amount, and drying conditions to be compatible with the performance of the coffee paper cup. The quality of paper cup printing is the result of a reasonable combination of printing machinery and printing process, substrate, and ink. As long as one of them is not well-matched, it will affect the printing quality of the paper cup and the ink or malfunction during the printing process.

    Of course, in addition to these, many other requirements and points need attention, so the beverage packaging factory still needs to pay more attention when making it.