Understand The Source Of The Beverage Packaging Factory

  • With the progress and development of society, there are more and more packaging materials of all kinds. my country's beverage packaging factory is also gradually innovating in this process. It has experienced the earliest carton packaging, aluminum can packaging, glass bottle packaging, etc., and has now entered a new era of plastic bottle packaging and composite material packaging.

    Paper packaging materials have the advantages of a wide range of raw materials, low cost, easy processing and printing, lightweight, good cushioning performance, recyclability, and degradation. This material has been used in beverage and food packaging since the very beginning, and it has been used in some beverage packaging products. However, due to the shortcomings of paper packaging that are easy to deliquesce, break easily, and require too high storage temperature, traditional paper packaging has been eliminated. Nowadays, various emerging functional paper products, such as dehydrated packaging, are used in the market. Paper can inhibit the activity of enzymes, reduce the reproduction of microorganisms, and keep drinks and food fresh; water-resistant processed paper strengthens the water-resistance of paper packaging and reduces the requirements of paper packaging on environmental factors.

    Of course, for publicity and other purposes, many people also choose custom printed paper cups .