Get a useful OSRS thing out of it for prospective OSRS quests

  • A phantom haunts Lumbridge graveyard, and it's all up to you to go and explore what's happening.

    In case you've got a short quantity of time to have a break from your search for OSRS glory and cheap OSRS gold, then the Restless Ghost pursuit is an experience that won't occupy too much of your time. A ghost has taken residence in the Lumbridge graveyard, and also the priest of this church of Saradomin would like you to find a solution for protecting it.

    There aren't any prerequisites for this quest, except for having the ability to kill or evade a sword at battle level 13. It is strongly recommended however that you take some Lumbridge teleports, as well as a Necklace of passing if you are a member. So, you aren't likely to need to resort to finding somebody who's OSRS gold selling to gather a whole group of OSRS things for this particular exploration. Many gamers look into OSRS gold purchasing to help fund certain quest prerequisites, but as it is such a short OSRS quest it really isn't essential.

    To Start the Restless Ghost quest, go to Lumbridge chapel and speak to Father Aereck. He'll inform you that there's a ghost that's haunting the Lumbridge graveyard and wants you to help eliminate it. You will be requested to talk with Father Urhney, that can be located in a house to the west of Lumbridge Swamp.

    Father Urhney

    You will find a house near, so go inside and talk to Father Urhney. You'll be provided an amulet of Ghostspeak, which you can use to speak to the ghost in question, though it is also a convenient OSRS thing to get in general for additional Old School Runescape quests. Return back to Lumbridge and then visit the graveyard, where you will get a small house nearby, using a marble coffin inside which you need to go to.

    Confronting the Ghost

    Make sure you have your amulet of Ghostspeak equipped before you inspect the coffin. Head there and proceed down the ladder which you find close to the entry. You'll see an altar, so search for it to find the ghost's skull, even though you'll be assaulted by a skeleton. You can either kill it or make a run for it, so whichever you pick, go back to the Lumbridge graveyard afterward.

    Speak to the phantom once more, and he will request that you set the skull in the coffin, so use the skull on it to grant the ghost break. His spirit will evaporate in the river, thus finishing your experience.


    There isn't a whole lot in terms of benefits for completing this Restless Ghost quest, given how short it is. You may however get a quest stage and 1125 prayer experience.

    As you can see, there is not much time to be taken up doing so OSRS quest winrsgold. You surely won't need to purchase OSRS gold to get any essential OSRS items, and it shouldn't sidetrack you too much. Plus, you get a useful OSRS thing out of it for prospective OSRS quests.