What is A Self Loading Concrete Mixer and How to Choose

  • A batching plant for concrete is equipment that makes it much easier for contractor's who undertake concreting works. A batching plant is a place where concrete is made. Concrete is a mixture that has several components that can be cement, sand, gravel, and water. These components have to be added in the right proportions that are ascertained by designing concrete mixes to give the required strength, depending on the properties that each of the components has.

    While cement and water have fairly standard properties, sand, gravel, and other aggregates will have different physical properties that greatly affect the final strength of the concrete. This can depend on the geological composition of the original stone from which these aggregates are made, their sizes, their fineness, their shapes and other factors.

    Al these properties are determined by laboratory engineers and concrete mixes designed so that the required proportions of each of these materials, plus the cement and water, will give the required design strength. It then becomes important to see that the concrete is mixed in the exact proportions as indicated in the design. A self-loading batching plant has a central mixer around which bins of sand, aggregates, and a cement silo are placed. A water tank with gravity feed is often installed adjacent to the batching plant or may be a part of the equipment. Read more about self loading concrete mixer Indonesia here.

    The required materials are loaded into weighing hoppers that can be programmed to use different weights. Once the aggregates, sand, and cement are discharged into the mixer, which can be a pan or drum type, the required quantity of water is then added, and the mixer operated for the required time to create the concrete mixture. Some self-loading batching plants may produce a dry mix that is then discharged into truck mixers for carrying to the place where concrete is required. Water is added in the truck mixer before the concrete is discharged at a site. This system is used for concreting in locations that are at distances from the batching plant, and where a number of sites need to be served.

    Plants can be mobile or stationary, depending on the project. A self-loading batching plant is used for building sites, precast yards and any other places where a continuous supply of concrete is needed. It also has the advantage of ensuring quality concrete at all times, because of the control over the loads made easier through programmable controllers. 

    You can also get these plants with manual controls. Most of these plants are easy to set up and can start functioning within a few hours of reaching the site where they are installed. They can be of different capacities, and it is important that a contractor buy one of a size that allows him to meet all his concreting requirements, both in quantity and quality, while still making it economical to produce the required concrete.

    A self-loading batching plant can also be used to load concrete directly into concreting pumps, and this is useful where larger distances and heights are required to be catered to.

    Finding constructions equipment online is easy. However, ensuring you choose a reliable contractor to buy your equipment from is a very difficult task. This is why you need to be very careful, in order to avoid scams or unreliable suppliers. Here's what to do to maximize your chances to make the best choice when searching to buy a mobile self loading concrete mixer.

    You can start by using your favorite search engine to seek for mobile self loading concrete mixer sellers. You'll probably find several suppliers from China, but you'll also find some local ones. Take a closer look at their offers, and try to pick the ones that appear to be the best in terms of reliability and equipment quality.

    Suppliers of heavy equipment and machines prefer to list their products in major business directories, rather than developing and maintaining their own website. This isn't a deal breaker. On the contrary, you may have the chance to find some client ratings and reviews that could help you rule out unreliable suppliers. Local and global business directories are among the most effective tools a company has to advertise its best products and services.

    Moreover, directories with very high authority are more prone to ranking in Google and in other search engines for thousands of search terms. Businesses that get listed in these directories enjoy a lot of organic search traffic, so there's no wonder they appreciate this fairly inexpensive and very effective opportunity to promote themselves and their products. Learn more about mixer beton self loading dijual here.

    Before starting your research, you have to know the specifications of your needed concrete mixer. If you are keen on finding a mobile one, you shouldn't waste your time contacting suppliers who don't offer such mixers. In order to be more efficient in your research, you should prepare a document containing all specifications you require, as well as your budget limits. Like this, you'll be prepared to send out email messages to as many suppliers as you can find.

    Once you receive their offers, you need to undergo background research on all companies that appear to match your specifications. If you can't find client reviews online, you should contact these suppliers to ask for customer references. High-quality, reliable contractors are usually happy to provide their potential clients with this type of information.

    You should also ensure that the supplier offers you proper insurance coverage. Transporting a concrete mixer and other similar machines is a complex endeavor, so you need to make sure you're going to receive a perfectly functional equipment, or get appropriate compensation for any damage that may occur during transportation. In addition, you should ask for warranty, whether you purchase a new equipment or a used one. Installation and maintenance are two other services you could use, so don't forget to ask the suppliers whether they are willing to provide such services.

    If you follow the above tips and advice, you'll have great chances to make the best choice right off the bat. Just do your homework well, and don't skip any of these steps.