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  • 1-2 years old: When you start playing children wooden toys wholesale, you can show them to your baby first, and then inspire and help your baby build tall buildings or train with bricks. You can also teach your baby to understand the shape and color of the building blocks.

    3-4 years old: babies must increase the difficulty of playing children wooden toys wholesale. On the one hand, it is necessary to teach babies the basic methods of building blocks, such as how to maintain the stability of the building, and how to use blocks of different shapes. On the other hand, teach babies to follow existing patterns. This mode is composed of building blocks, which can improve the baby's observation ability.

    5-6 years old: Babies should pay attention to guiding them to use their imagination to create according to their own wishes. No matter how naive the work looks to adults, it should be affirmed and encouraged to cultivate the purpose and creativity of babies.

    In addition to being able to form various objects, building blocks are also a good tool for babies to learn mathematics. Children wooden toys wholesale can help babies understand various geometric shapes and their relationships. It can also make babies classify and count according to the shape of building blocks, the length and size of children wooden toys wholesale, and deepen babies’ understanding of geometric shapes and mathematical concepts .
  • 11/16/20 at 11:15 AM -
    3/26/21 at 12:15 PM
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