Compare To Others ,How Is Rectangular Enameled Wire Feature

  • Wrapped with a strong coating of various enamels, Xiandeng's  rectangular enameled wire feature a high mechanical strength level. The bare conductor may be coated an enamel selected to meet the challenges of the intended use case. These wires also feature a strong bonding property  The strength and versatility of enameled rectangular wire makes it an ideal choice for many industrial applications.

    The wires also feature a strong resistance to corona discharge while working inverter driven motors. An unwanted corona discharge is a dangerous and wasteful process that enameled rectangular wires can help prevent.

    All Xiandeng wire solutions are available in a wide range of thin and wide sizes, which can be customized upon request. We can also customize solutions to comply with any necessary regulations or industry standards.

    Then, say about CCA wire. CCA does have some advantages over solid copper, mainly surrounding weight and cost. CCA is significantly lighter than copper and in some applications can offer advantages in cable containment and handling. Aluminium is around a third of the price of copper and therefore provides cost savings over solid copper conductors. Theft is also less likely with scrap values largely reduced. It also has better corrosion resistance over plain aluminium.