Get More Informations About Enameled Aluminum Wire

  • enameled aluminum wire is mainly used as the conductor material of the moving coil. Due to the low density of aluminum, the weight of the aluminum coil can be reduced to one third of that of the copper coil. This advantage of enameled aluminum wire can make the acceleration of moving parts easier and more effective, thereby improving product performance, such as shortening the hard disk access time, and improving the sound quality and sensitivity of speakers and voice coils. Most of these applications use self-adhesive aluminum wire.

    Talk to your supplier and make sure you are aware of what is being supplied. Resistance may not be a problem over short runs. In some cases the cost saving can be attractive, but make sure you have considered the application and what the installation is intended to achieve. If, like most users, you want to simply'install and forget', you may be better sticking with pure copper conductors and benefiting from their proper performance characteristics.

    Aluminium conductors and braids have been widely used for many years. Commscope for example, a major American manufacturer of coaxial cables, has been offering Aluminium braided coax for many years with some impressive test data. The danger for specifiers lies in manufacturers passing off CCA as pure copper to save on price.

    Rectangular Enameled Aluminum Wire, processed by advanced extrusion equipment, has good electrical conductivity and high finish.