Incredible NBA 2k21 PS5 Gameplay

  • NBA 2k21 brings redesigned player action, new court animation, new collision engine, 150 unique AI characters, next-generation lighting and texture to ps5 and Xbox series X. Add them all to the 202 bangers soundtrack, I've never been more interested in the basketball of my life. NBA 2k21 released its first trailer for the next generation of games, which looks incredible.

    This trailer was shot on ps5. First, it drips some real sweat from Zion Williamson of the New Orleans pelican, and then provides us with some lovely slow dunks from Williamson and Damian Lillard's Portland Trail Blazers. Then he takes you into the tunnel leading to the court before the Dallas Mavericks game, and it feels like you're there, standing behind Luka doncic, hitting Mark Cuban. From the excitement before the game to every shutdown, Dallas and Golden State Warriors fell on the damned guy. NBA 2k21 is a world of difference.

    Greg Thomas, President of visual concepts, said: "we've never been able to provide video games with such realistic visual fidelity and fidelity. NBA 2k21 is an excellent game. It has truly revolutionary graphics, fast loading time and incredible new functions and game playing methods that only the next generation hardware can provide. It can best realize the promise of the next generation. Buy NBA 2K21 MT is the fast way to enhance more game experience.

    NBA 2k21 will be released on Xbox series X and Xbox series s on November 10, ps5 in the United States, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand on November 12, and ps5 in the rest of the world on November 19.

    The next generation NBA 2k21 comparison video provides us with a new set of data in the eternal discussion between ps5 and Xbox series X. The YouTube video produced by gamengwithova takes about three and a half minutes for side-by-side comparison and side-by-side comparison without comment. These videos cover loading time, graphics and game playing. Although I think the latter two categories are almost identical, at least the level of detail I can get from squint YouTube Videos - mainly the difference in color grading.

    Load time gives the most interesting difference. While neither console has a huge advantage, Xbox series X is a winner in both benchmarks. Perhaps the most important loading time is the interval between menus, and you're actually playing basketball: tests show that the total loading time of Xbox series X is 2.953 seconds, which is 3.237 seconds ahead of ps5. When the game is cold started, there is no game pause or quick recovery. The time spent on Xbox series X is 13.197 seconds, while on ps5 it is 14.097 seconds.

    The distance between the two consoles is less than one second at a time, which proves that Sony and Microsoft are giving priority to reducing the download speed of this generation. If you know you just want the fastest NBA 2k21 version, then Xbox series X seems to be the king. And, if you're still looking to get the next generation fix on the market, check out these Xbox series X and ps5 products.