How To Decorate A Modern Sense With White Tiles

  • Elegant shades of gray and beige subtly highlight common life trends, but there are few other colors that can be presented like white. Like a blank canvas, white floor tiles are the ideal foundation for every imaginable life and furniture style. Through classic or modern interpretation, the main features of the current white tile design are numerous surface structure and subtle color differences. Today, we are mainly focusing on decorating a modern sense with white tiles.

    Decoration skills: how to create a modern sense with white tiles

    The combination of white tiles and correct seam color is particularly effective. Here is the overall picture you want: the lighter the seam color, the more harmonious and stable the visual effect. Dark seams, on the other hand, enhance contrast with white tiles. Last but not least, white tiles have proven to be a good choice for small rooms because they make them look bigger and provide more brightness.


    It is undeniable that in interior design, white tiles are almost infallible, because the popular basic colors can be carefully withdrawn if necessary, but they also subtly form an eternal foundation for new furniture trends and color and material combinations. For example, modern kitchens are elegantly upgraded with white high gloss tiles on the floor and serve as ceramic tile mirrors.


    Subway tile is a popular variant, adding a touch of urban flavor to every family. Although the use of light wood ensures a natural Scandinavian look, its combination with smooth cabinet fronts, countertops and accessories highlights the modern elegance. But you have to be more energetic when cleaning, because you'll soon see spots and stripes on white high gloss tiles.


    On the other hand - even if it sounds contradictory: white tiles and dirt can be a good combination. Areas that must at least meet certain hygiene requirements benefit from the fact that stains in the form of stains or dust can be seen quickly on white tiles.


    An advantage to one person may be a disadvantage to another. At least in private living areas, stain resistant floor tiles are often needed, in which case white tiles have an advantage over wall tiles.


    Tile mirrors made of white tiles with a brick look guarantee an extra Zeitgeist - a modern look that is particularly effective in bathrooms and kitchens. Mosaic and relief tile is another important trend of ceramic tile, and it doesn't just stay on white tiles. These special surface structures set beautiful accents and turn the bathroom, kitchen and entrance areas into real "highlights."


    White tiles have many aspects

    White is not always white. Of course, white tiles have also been further developed, thanks to modern production technology, not only keeping pace with the times, but also developing new trends in appearance, format, color selection and handle. Modern white tiles subtly change on the palette, from pure white to milky white to grayish white. This makes them more subtle and exciting than ever before. Many surfaces have reinterpreted the classics again and again.


    Whether it's semi gloss, high gloss, structured, embossed or polished - there are countless variations in white tiles. This also applies to tile formats, which place rooms in the spotlight in very different ways, depending on whether you are using a rectangle or a square, a small or an XXL format. Of course, the combination is also conceivable. The decisive factor is personal taste. This time and again on the white tiles.