The Conversations With The Developers With Burning Crusade Clas

  • The World of Warcraft: the Burning Crusade classic has only recently begun, and we are delighted to be able to speak with the author of this unusual work. It's one thing to bring back an old game; it's quite another to recreate the extension. Fortunately, in addition to developers, there are fans.

    The Conversations With The Developers With Burning Crusade Classic

    We had the opportunity to speak with the blizzard creators of world of Warcraft: the burning expedition classic - about how it came to be, what problems they encountered, and what players could expect at the recent BlizzCon 2021, which was the only Blizzard Carnival in Poland. We spoke with John Hight, executive producer, and Brian Birmingham, head of software engineering.

    Maksym Boukhiar: Gentlemen, first and foremost, we must acknowledge that whenever we think of the burning expedition, we will think of FEL Reaver and his voice. When Holly Longdale talks about TBC, and when the background noise from the show is played, all of the memories flood back!

    John Haidt warns that the Outland is dangerous. After passing through the gate of the dark gate, the player is immediately thrust into a battle with the devil. Tribes and alliances on the Helffire Peninsula have been at odds with one another because their bases are located on opposite sides of a small canyon. Players band together to attack the enemy camp, but the most terrifying aspect of the mission is hearing the voice of the evil energy predator! Everyone, or almost everyone, who heard him and looked at the screen began to tremble. Instead of fighting, they fled in fear.

    Brian Birmingham (Birmingham, Alabama):Yes, the evil predator is unquestionably the mascot of the burning expedition. I remember how you felt when you were asked to kill the Marauder in Zone 52. I don't believe a word of what I'm reading. How are things going?- put him to death?

    But let us move on to the new version of the Burning Crusade. Brian, the TBC classic will be divided into several stages, similar to the WoW classic. Are you planning to release them in the same manner as you did in 2007-2008, or are you planning to extend these phases? After all, TBC was only around for a little more than two years.

    BB: Yes, the TBC classic will be divided into five stages. We might be able to stretch it out a little bit. We want players to believe that they have enough time to do what they want. For example, in the past, after completing several tasks, you could directly enter Mount Hyjal for a surprise attack, but no one did so because the opponent was an off-road vehicle, which was extremely difficult to defeat.

    Following the release of World of Warcraft: Classic, we discovered that players enjoy being divided into predefined chapters. When we first announced classic, we stated that there would be four stages; however, we received feedback from players stating that there should be more stages. In response to the players' requests, we completed six stages in World of Warcraft Classic. Even with this division, we decided to release small updates between phases, and we may continue to do so in the future.

    Can players expect the TBC classic to be ready to call it quits? Will they have another chance to fight the demons that are attacking Azeroth and win the protector's robe as a reward?
    BB: Yes, we would like to reorganize the preparatory activities. Fortunately, we still have time to prepare, and we must make certain that we do a good job. It's worth mentioning that, once the patch is complete and ready for release, we will give players the opportunity to play as Delaney and the blood elves. They will be able to better prepare for their new roles as a result of this.

    How long will the preparations take?
    JH: We haven't figured it out completely yet, but it won't last for months. Instead, we want it to be as brief as possible. Professional players should be prepared to face Drayne and the blood elves in due course, but some players, in our opinion, will fall behind. Consider the possibility that it will take several weeks to prepare.

    How long do you think they will last?
    BB: It is critical for us to convey to players the impression that they are receiving nearly finished products. We will be able to collect more feedback as a result of this. As a result, how long beta testing takes will be determined by how quickly we can implement the patch and fine tune the final details.

    JH: I'm sorry, but I don't think I'm going to be able to do it. I believe you are speculating about when TBC classic will be released. At this time, I can only say that we will announce the release date on or around Prepatch Day, but it is possible that we will announce it earlier.

    Let us talk about the importance of balance. Players will be able to experience nearly perfect balance across all classes in the final patch, 2.4.3. Can we achieve such a balance with TBC classic?

    BB: Yes, absolutely! It's similar to wow classic. In the past, developers perfected everything on a regular basis, and they didn't receive feedback from players as quickly as they do now. Looking back, we came to the same conclusion as gamers: patch 2.4.3 has a perfect career balance, and we want to provide it to gamers from the start.

    What is it like to recreate a game that you created a long time ago? Do you go through the code line by line?
    BB: What I'm trying to say is that we have a tendency to look at everything in a broader context. We begin with reminiscence meetings in which we ask ourselves, "How was the past?"Consider the possibility that there were only four engineers in the original World of Warcraft, and I was not one of them!

    We must answer the questions of what to do and how much work to put in. We need to get rid of the search group system, bring back the old talent, and so on. We compiled a list of the most important tasks and the systems that needed to be rebuilt.

    After determining the main idea, the engineer examines the old code and attempts to adapt it to the current situation, but not line by line. In the Burning Crusade, we have more than 700,000 lines of code dedicated to spells and skills alone!

    We are also pleased to provide players with the opportunity to try out TBC classic during the public beta period. Not only do they have a large number of their own memories, but they also remember things better than we do. We will be able to improve the add-on as a result of their contributions, which will include creating error lists and toniebug lists.

    Wow classic and TBC classic will be hosted on separate servers. Will there be restrictions on changing roles, such as those imposed on WOW gold TBC players? Can the richest players have an impact on the game's economy on the first day?
    BB: There have always been a large number of players in the game who have a large number of gold coins. Now, many years later, there are more gold coins than there were in the past. This is primarily due to the fact that today's players have a better understanding of the game and its mechanism.

    We want to recreate the Burning Crusade in such a way that everyone can relive the experience, so we don't want to make too many changes. Those who put in the effort to amass a large amount of gold will almost certainly want to purchase a flying mount on the first day, and denying them that option will annoy them. We don't want to deny them the opportunity to pursue their dreams.

    Of course, not everyone has 5000 WOW gold classic at their disposal. For example, I didn't because I was spending all of my time preparing for the rally (laughter). I'd like to level up in Outland and earn gold from missions or my profession. Players who do not have enough gold coins can sell professional materials to players who do have more gold coins.

    However, we are going to impose a significant restriction. A role can only be duplicated once. We have prepared a system that does not allow the use of gold coins, in which role a will be copied to TBC classic, then login as role a in wow classic, send the gold coins to role B, and role B will be copied to the expansion package again. It's confusing, but a few people understand that we don't want to duplicate gold in the game.