The Principle of Custom Gift Boxes

  • Gift boxes have been controversial ever since. Some people think that gifts are usually used for gift-giving, the appearance should be high-end, luxurious, to show the sincerity of the giver. Others believe that luxury packaging is overpacking, cost-effective too low. In fact, no matter how the packaging design, should abide by the principle of packaging customization. Gift boxes wholesale should be based on displaying product and brand value, whether high-end or generic, such as:

    Jump out of the mindset

    When customizing gift boxes, the design of the boxes is very important. Even the simplest packaging materials can turn them into creative, iconic product boxes.

    Taking a break-the-norm approach can help you find innovative ways to package design. This also creates unlimited possibilities for the design of the brand's product packaging boxes.


    Show product value through packaging

    Many customers may make a purchase decision simply because of the packaging of the product when they purchase the product. Excellent box design can make a deep first impression, can enable the brand to make good use of the foldable box to convey the brand's good image.

    When it comes to product packaging, customers determine the value of the product by the information passed in the gift box. There are other things to consider when demonstrating the value of a product. For example, when your product is for e-commerce sales, consider whether the box can provide a good out-of-the-box experience for your customers.


    Multi-functional packaging

    If a brand can consider other uses of boxes in addition to packaging and displaying them when customizing boxes for their products, they have created additional value on their products. For example, a gift box that can be collected by the user, or a cosmetic box that can be used as a makeup box, and so on.


    Environmental protection

    Gift boxes that use eco-friendly materials are always an advantage for brands. Many customers will take this into account when buying products, especially now that users' environmental awareness has become stronger and stronger, if the brand is not aware of the environment, it is likely to lose customers.


    When customizing boxes, design and produce gift boxes in accordance with the above customization principles to maximize the value of the product and brand.