Selection Of Standard Dial Combination Lock Tools

  •   standard dial combination lock is our traditional lock, due to the development of modern technology. Many people no longer use padlocks as locks, such as electronic locks, password locks, tool locks, and so on. They are the tools of choice for many people. And what is the model of the padlock? Next, I will explain it to everyone.

      1, blade structure padlock

      This type of lock uses sheet metal of different shapes to act as an obstacle and achieve the purpose of locking. This type of structure is often used in zinc alloy or its alloy locks.

      2, magnetic structure padlock

      Some padlocks use the principle of magnetism. So its lock core is a magnetic lock core. In this way, there can be a better metal spacer at the position of the lock core and the safety pin. When the slotless magnetic key is smoothly inserted into the lock core slot and rotated, the key will touch the metal piece, which will bounce the metal piece, and then open the padlock according to the principle of magnetism.

      3, marble structure type padlock

      This type of padlock is through a cylindrical lock core, and then there will be a bullet-like obstacle in the body, which will make the lock core inoperable. Then, the bullet structure and the lock cylinder are blocked by the principle of the metal sheet. Then use the key to open the bullet structure, so that the ability to unlock the lock can be achieved.

       In fact, the security level of padlocks is relatively low, so a security padlock has been developed in the market for brass padlock for sale. This kind of padlock can guarantee the safety of property very well, and it is more used in the market. The above is the sharing brought to you by the padlock manufacturers, I hope it can be helpful to you.