Some Methods To Open Standard Dial Combination Lock

  •    We know that the opening method of the standard dial combination lock is relatively simple, and it can be opened only by using the key. But because the key of the padlock is relatively small, if we lose the key, how should we open the lock. For this padlock manufacturer, I would like to share this knowledge with you.

       1. There is a certain gap between the U-shaped ring of the padlock and the lock body;

      2. Then prepare a small piece of iron, thick enough to fit into the gap between the U-shaped ring and the lock body, and the length depends on the size of the lock. Tie the iron plate into a ring to fit the U-shaped ring;

      3. Find the movable part of the U-shaped ring, which is generally the looser side;

      4. Put the iron piece into the inside of the movable side of the U-shaped ring, and then press the iron piece down. After pressing the small iron sheet into the gap, the lock can be opened.

       This way, the padlock can be opened. The padlock can not only ensure the safety of our property, but also ensure our privacy. So it occupies an indispensable position in our lives. The padlock is the most common type of lock. Everyone must choose a high-quality brass padlock for sale manufacturer to avoid buying inferior products.