MUT Flashbacks lead by Jimmy Graham & Kareem Hunt

  • Madden 21 Ultimate Team maintains the wildcard feel of Wednesday, and this week has a new MUT flashback led by Jimmy Graham and Kareem Hunt. MUT 21 will definitely not lack new players. Now Madden 21 has added 96 total additions. You can also Buy Madden 21 Coins to enhance your ultimate team.

    Wildcard Wednesday brings MUT flashback
    Finding the right parts for your Madden 21 Ultimate Team is an ongoing work, but this week’s Wednesday release of Wildcard may help. The MUT Flashbacks series has released five different 96 overall players, and now there are some must-have options.

    Although Jimmy Graham and Kareem Hunt are the leaders in offensive weapons in this group, two offensive wingers and a defensive star can also play in your Madden 21 Play a huge role in Ultimate Team. If you did not get enough Madden 21 Coins while playing Madden 21 recently, the good news is that you can Buy MUT 21 Coins at GameMS.

    All MUT flashback player statistics
    A total of 5 new players are currently living in Madden 21 and have performed this week's MUT flashback, each with their own advantages. New Orleans Saint Jimmy Graham's 96 OVR (TE) is a powerful receiving option with a jumping ability of 98, acceleration, capture, traffic jams, and a remarkable release of 96.

    Jurrell Casey 96 OVR (RE) of the Tennessee Titans can use his 96 offense, blocks, appearance recognition, strength, awareness and hitting power to anchor any offensive line. The Kareem Hunt 96 OVR (HB) of the Kansas City Chiefs can become your ultimate team backup force with 97 acceleration, 96 jumps, 95 speed, burden and agility.

    Buffalo Bills is another lineman of Richie Incognito 96 OVR (LG), with 96, strength, consciousness, running power, impact block and lead to consolidate your front. Jason McCourty 96 OVR (CB), Cleveland Browns is the only defensive ability in these MUT flashbacks, with an acceleration value of 97 and a recognition and game recognition of 95. Although these are exciting new additions, with the return of the gold ticket, players have more chances to win Madden 21 Coins in the game.