Path of Exile 2 brings a better boss, a new skill gem system

  • Path of Exile 2 stands on a undulating Gothic miniature city, dragged through the desolate desert by a weird burden. Path of Exile 2 is an imaginative action RPG adventure. This is not only because its predecessor has enhanced graphics capabilities, but also has new lighting effects that can really pop up and set all the tones from the scorched sand dunes to the appropriately scary dungeons. This is a nightmare, bloody, but strangely beautiful and unique world. I am eager to buy POE Currency and sink into it.

    One of the most significant changes you will see in establishing characters in Path of Exile 2 is that gem slots are now independent of armor parts. There is nothing more frustrating than getting awesome armor, but it will not be able to be used until you go back to town and re-roll all the gem slots to match the gems you already have, otherwise you will ruin the entire construction. These are changes that the developers consider to be a win-win: they give new players a more intuitive understanding of Path of Exile without removing any complexity that veterans expect.

    The new weapons of Path of Exile 2 also look very interesting and can open up a new game style. We must see the movement of the spear and the, and the skill of the spear seems to be my kind of chaos. You can POE Currency Buy to upgrade him, equip it to conduct interactive attacks, put you in trouble, and get a powerful damage boost in a short time. After the expiration, you can get out of contact to get out of the danger and heal. Therefore, the rhythm of your dancing in and out is very good.

    The crossbow is unique in that each one comes with an alternate fire skill of some kind. What we see is a siege mode that allows you to shoot arrows into the air and rain on the enemy like a single-armed artillery. This type of battle can easily become monotonous, especially at higher levels. It seems that Path of Exile 2 is using these new mechanisms to contend with it.