Path Of Exile 2's Skill Gem System Explained

  • Although Path Of Exile 2 will not be released until 2022, the developer Grinding Gear Games shared new information about ARPG. This successful free game was originally announced in 2019, and its follow-up work hopes to improve the original game while still allowing players to bring their original cosmetics and other paid items into the sequel. According to the developer, Path Of Exile 2 will also retain all the expanded content of the first game, and share its final game with Path Of Exile, such as POE Currency.

    Chris Wilson of Grinding Gear Games detailed many of the changes and improvements in Path Of Exile 2. If players can purchase POE Currency, this should help provide better guidance for new players in the early stages of the game. Wilson also said that this game will still be deeply customized in the game’s skill tree, and explained: “We think it’s an advantage not to do too much manual manipulation.”

    One of the biggest changes in Path Of Exile 2 is that the support gems will be directly embedded in the skill gems without the need to reinstall new armor. Try to get the exact socket needed. For those who have not played POE, the auxiliary gems will increase the skill gems inlaid. The armor parts in the original game will provide specific colors for skill slots and auxiliary slots, so whenever you buy a new armor part, you usually won't immediately exchange your favorite gems. Now, the armor will have the specific color of the skill gem, and the skill gem will accordingly have its own set of colored support gem slots.

    This updated system can make the transition between armor parts smoother without having to destroy or reconsider the structure of the character. The developer believes that this is a positive change for all players, because new players will not be confused by the complicated gem slots, and experienced players can still freely combine the gems they think are suitable. Both new players and experienced players can POE Currency Buy to enhance their strength in the game.