Path Of Exile Studio Let Paid Streamers Skip Server Queue

  • Path of Exile 2 will be released soon, but this did not stop the development of the first game, and its latest expansion Ultimatum was released this week. However, to some extent, this release is a bit confusing, with players stuck in the server queue waiting to be unable to play. The problem was further exacerbated by Grinding Gear Games' decision to let the paid streamers skip the line and start playing immediately. The studio doesn't seem to make such mistakes again. If players want to enhance their strength in the game, they can purchase POE Currency.

    Chris Wilson, the producer of Path of Exile, explained that the Ultimatum Challenge League is an adventure/reward test player. The competition between them can help them earn POE Currency, but it is inherently too slow. "Human error" caused the normal trick flow migration process to not run, and players continued to be thrown out of the field until a final repair was made a few hours later.

    But why is this Path of Exile situation different from the server problems that plague games like Outriders? Well, because not everyone is affected. The paid streamers brought by Grinding Gear Games for release were immediately allowed to enter the arena because they were supposed to be played for two hours. At the time, the team believed that it was impossible not to allow the game.

    Wilson said: "This can almost cost you a lot of money. Therefore, we made a hasty decision to allow these ribbons to bypass the queue." It’s not very effective to encourage players to acquire new content. The studio will not take such preferential measures in the future, and emphasized that most streamers do not actually require them to do so.

    Regardless of whether you pay, giving some players a chance to surpass everyone else does not seem to be the right move. However, based on Wilson's comments, the studio seems to have learned a very valuable lesson in public goodwill, and it is likely that it will not make the same mistake again. Finally, if you need to POE Currency Buy, you are welcome to visit POECurrency.