Path Of Exile Let Streamers Bypass Long Server Wait Times

  • In the process of launching the new extension Ultimatum, the Path of Exile server encountered some problems during the weekend, which caused players to have waiting time, sometimes even as long as several hours. Unless it is, you are a pay-to-play streaming of TV games, in which case you are directly involved. If you want to improve your game strength in Path of Exile, then you can POE Currency Buy.

    The fans waited so long and discovered this quickly and were so angry that the lead developer Chris Wilson had to make a lengthy statement on the game's subreddit, which read as follows: "Although this is all going on, but We still managed to make big false promises and anger the entire community by allowing streaming media to bypass the slow queue we mentioned. The background is that we have been doing some paid influential marketing recently, among them It involves arranging large-scale show producers to show the audience the way of exile in order to get money. We have arranged two hours of streaming payment, and we have encountered a login queue that takes two hours to clear. This can almost make it literally A large sum of money caught fire. So we made a hasty decision to allow these streamers to bypass the queue.

    The decision to allow any streamer to bypass the queue was clearly wrong. It does not provide the audience with what to watch while waiting, but offends all our players who are eager to enter the game but can't do anything, and have to watch other people enjoy this freedom. We tell people that the beginning of the "Road to Exile" league is a level playing field for everyone, and we need to really make sure that this is reality. In the future, we will not allow streamers to bypass the login queue. We will make sure that the queue works better so that it is a fast process for everyone and is always a level playing field.

    This article is not intended to try to convince you that you are satisfied with these results. We just want to provide you with some insights about what happened, why it happened, and what we are doing in the future. We are also very dissatisfied with this. "

    I'm glad they don't have to do this anymore, but unfortunately, this is even just an idea, not to mention the green light and implementation. If you want to buy POE Currency, you are welcome to visit POECurrency.