What is the Path of Exile Mobile release date?

  • Path of Exile has not officially announced a release date, but Path of Exile may not be released for mobile phones at all. In the aforementioned interview with Gamespot, Wilson told them that if Path of Exile was bad, they wouldn't bother to release it. In the same interview, Wilson explained that this game can indeed run on mobile devices, and Grinding Gear Games is determining how they want to determine its location, and then promise a release date. It is worth mentioning that players can purchase POE Currency to make the game develop more smoothly.

    The development of Path of Exile is in-house by Grinding Gear Games, but naturally, their priorities may flow more to Path of Exile 2. According to reports, they hope to release Path of Exile 2 in 2022. ", this will definitely affect the development of Path of Exile. The release date of Path of Exile may be why we haven't heard any new news from the developers for a while.

    Grinding Gear Games has not announced whether there will be cross-play between the existing versions of the game. However, this seems unlikely, because console players cannot currently play with PC users. Most importantly, as we mentioned above, the development team is not yet sure about the form of the path of exile, so it may be a completely different entity, making cross-play impossible. And POE Currency as the intermediary of the game transaction is very important for players.

    Path of Exile will be a free game. "Grinding Gear Games" stated that there is no pay-to-win element in Path of Exile, which is not surprising to long-term fans, because the game is known for being the least developed free game. You can POE Currency Buy in the PC and game console versions to unlock additional storage space or cosmetics such as weapons and equipment shells.

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