Why Ultimatum Fails To Be An Enjoyable League

  • The premise of Path of Exile: Ultimatum is that the player will encounter a mysterious Vaal character named Trialmaster, who will provide POE Currency as a reward for completing the challenge. If the player succeeds in surviving the encounter, then the Master of Judgment will provide them with an ultimatum either: Either choose the reward already obtained, or survive another challenge for a progressively better reward. This is very similar to the entire Vaal theme undertaken by the Alliance, including blood donation, blood donation spells and so on.

    In terms of gameplay, this premise is transformed into allowing players to choose modifiers, which will increase the difficulty of each encounter when facing multiple consecutively to obtain better rewards. When selected multiple times, the level of modifiers will increase, so they will be more dangerous than before, and new monsters generated in the area will also make things harder.

    The problem with Ultimatum is that although this concept is great and very suitable for the world of Path of Exile, for players, its actual playback method may not be balanced enough to bring an interesting experience. But if the player buys POE Currency it will bring them a lot of help.

    In most cases, because the halo has a great influence on rare monsters and lower-level enemies, players will eventually run in a circle, trying to survive long enough to end the challenge, or when trying to launch some spells at the enemy Do this or attack them while moving. Ultimatum is considered a very interesting league, but a creepy issue that players endlessly ask Grinding Gear Games to remove has a huge impact on the enjoyment of the league.

    Grinding Gear Games should understand the requirements of the community and pay attention to quality of life issues and gameplay imbalances, which makes Path of Exile more enjoyable than before. Fans should POE Currency Buy to enhance their strength in the game.