Madden 21 Power Up final team added upgrade card

  • Madden 21 Ultimate Team received a new set of cards. In this series, some existing players who need to upgrade their Power Up items have already received them. In other words, this is just a selected group and may not please all fans who are looking for the Power Up player project. Let's take a look at the players in Madden 21 Power Up Expansion Group 3, including Dallas Cowboys receiver Amari Cooper. This means that players need to get as many Madden 21 Coins as possible in the next period of time, and more Madden 21 Coins can give them a greater advantage.

    Amari Cooper with Madden 21 Power Up Expansion Group 3 players
    On Tuesday, May 25th, around 11 a.m. Eastern Time, the newest Madden 21 Power Up Expansion card was launched in Ultimate Team. Cowboys catcher Amari Cooper is one of the players, his card is also very suitable for the theme team. The new Amari card can be upgraded to 98 as a whole. The attributes can be set to 96 speed, 98 short distance running, 96 chase, 95 deep running and 94 traffic jam.

    Joining Cooper in the third group game is quarterback Matt Leinhart, in addition to the Cardinals or Texans, he can also cooperate with the Raiders. After a full upgrade, the new items he obtained from Madden 21 Power Up Expansion can also reach 98 OVR. It includes 99 short precision, 97 medium precision, 96 throw under pressure, 95 throw power and 95 depth precision. Leinart's card is approximately 1500 MUT Coins or higher.

    The third group also added four other players, including the Panthers defensive end Charles Johnson, the Browns and the Colts left back D'Qwell Jackson. Andrew Norwell has cards for Leopards or Jaguars, and Super Bowl champion Dre’Bly can be used with Rams, Lions, Mustangs or 49ers. The price of a Norwell card is 1,700 or higher. I recommend to you a good place to buy Madden 21 Coins-GameMS, their services are always amazing and are widely praised by players!