Path of Exile-The developer provided data from the Ultimatum Al

  • More than a month has passed since the beginning of the Path of Exile Ultimatum League, and Grinding Gear Games studio is ready to share various interesting statistics about player activity. The developers collected data on all leagues on the PC and divided them into 3 groups: Level 2-72, Level 73-77, Level 78+. The first table is dedicated to ultimatum skirmishes and wave numbers completed. Players need to accumulate a large amount of POE Currency to complete all the challenges, which is not easy.

    Players started a total of 193,493,170 league games, and the success rate of Inspur was about 95%. In addition, at higher levels, the value is slightly higher. But the 10th wave of challenge to the master is only available after level 78, and players can only successfully complete 60% of the time. The simplest type of battle is Altar Defense. This is because some opponents attack the player, while others focus on destroying the altar. Due to the particularity of the conditions, the most difficult battle is the stone formation.

    The list of modifiers that are least dangerous for players are as follows: Blade Dance, Blade Dance II, Doom, Doom II, Crouch Doom, Creeping Doom II, Suffocating Steam, and Suffocating Steam II. Most problems are caused by modifiers that restrict bottles and permanently increase damage. In addition, Storm Summoning Rune III and unexpected weakness also make life difficult. If you want to acquire more powerful skills, then you can Buy POE Currency at POECurrency, which will bring you great help.

    Since a reward for completing the ultimatum skirmish was generated for the region at the beginning of the series, 173 Mirrors of Calandra were created, but players only received 70 of them as rewards. The remaining 103 people were lost because they failed the battle or were rewarded before all waves were completed. The same goes for the unique bounty hunter belt. Therefore, it turns out that the player only received 40% of the possible items. However, with the help of POECurrency, you will not have to worry about the lack of POE Currency. Their online customer service support will solve all the problems you encounter.

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