Path of Exile: Ultimatum, the controversial league debut

  • The new Path of Exile League has been in full swing in the past few weeks, but this is not an easy start. First, technical issues prevent players from logging in, then let streaming media pass in front of everyone, and finally let some of them be banned for exploiting the vulnerability. according to our experience. Now is the best time to buy POE Currency, because it can help you gain certain advantages.

    When the Path of Exile Ultimatum Alliance was launched, everything went wrong for Grinding Gear Games. The queue did not empty at a normal rate. According to lead developer Chris Wilson, it takes more than 2 hours to clear the queue. Needless to say, a long queue for two hours on your launch day is not a good sign. Experienced players will take this opportunity to POE Currency Buy to help them gain a clear advantage in the game.

    Regardless of all technical details, the root cause of this problem is human error. Unlike first migrating the character from the ritual alliance to the standard mode, the system must perform this operation in real time when the player is connected on the release day. Obviously, this greatly slows down the connection process. When GGG tried to fix this error with a temporary fix, the server went down and they had to shut down the server for nearly an hour.

    Although the technical problems are regrettable, for Path of Exile players, the last straw that crushes the camel is Grinding Gear Games' decision. Indeed, in the hustle and bustle of missing the broadcast, GGG gave priority to several anchors in queuing. Obviously, this decision is not unanimous.

    The company’s rationale is simple: Don’t waste all the money invested in influencer marketing. It’s no secret that the day that has the greatest impact on GGG’s bottom line is the release date. Therefore, the company paid several content creators to play their games during these hours. You will understand that paying people to watch the queue is not the expected result. You can learn more about Path of Exile at POECurrency, and you can also purchase POE Currency here.