WOW: Check out the New Zones in Shadowlands Expansion

  • Zones are areas on the map with a designated theme, creatures, and scenery. The boundaries of these areas are much like a state or country, although they are not visible, they define the area. They may contain districts, cities, towns, villages or instances. For example, the Dun Morogh area includes the Coldridge Valley subregion, the Ironforge city, the town of Kharanos, and the instance Gnomeregan.

    The Shadowlands expansion introduces 5 new zones to the game, as well as a new neutral capital for wow classic gold players to use as the hub of the new world.

    1. Capital City of the Shadowlands

    The new capital of the Shadowlands will be the eternal city Oribos, a neutral city that both factions will use as a hub.

    The city of Oribos is the crossroads of the shaded land. Here, mortal souls are judged by the arbiter before being sent to their final destination, while the dark inhabitants exchange gossip and life-this is the source of souls that fuel the Shadow Land.

    Your journey to Olibos Island brings a glimmer of hope in the darkness: for reasons no one can explain, the Arbiters are already dormant and no longer lead their souls to their afterlife. Instead, everyone has been tortured by flower maw. This is your first place to escape successfully. When the heroes of the Alliance and the Horde traveled through the unknown world of death, Oribos welcomed the weary travelers of these two factions, but forced them to put aside their differences within the walls of the castle.

    2. Leveling Zones in the Shadowlands

    Shadowlands has 4 new leveling areas for players to explore, each area has a unique theme determined by the dominance covenant.

    The leveling area is as follows:

    1) Ardenweald
    Nardenweald is ruled by the Night Fae covenant, and just as their land is beautiful, it is just as dangerous.

    2) Bastion
    Bastion is a perfect example of order in the Shadowlands. The region is governed by the Kyrian Covenant, which is dedicated to ensuring the safety of its land and people, and the quality of life.

    3) Maldraxxus
    In Maldraxxus, nothing is more valuable than strength. The homeland of the Necro Contract is defended by the strongest souls who have turned into ghouls and undead monsters through the experiments of the necromancers living in this land.

    4) Revendreth
    Despite Ventyr's efforts to separate these evils from the wandering souls of his home, pride and arrogance coexist in Revendreth. Venthyr's covenant is on the verge of a new leadership bid, but the current choices seem to push their orders towards what they have vowed to prevent.

    3. The Maw

    It is said that The Maw is the home of the most evil and evil souls in history, and if they are to be released, it may destroy the Shadow Land.

    At present, when you first step into the land of shadows, in addition to the initial adventure into The Maw, you also need to jump into the middle of Oribos' ring of transfer. Jumping to the middle will trigger a cutscene and teleport you to The Maw.

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