Nike Kobe 6 Protro “POP” Coming for the Spring 2021

  • New Air Force 1  is a rare shoe, and they really apply to it. This is a truly classic lifestyle, one of the most classic and well-known sports shoes in the world today. Nike Sportswear knows this well, and now through alternative materials and different laces, the all-white AF1, which has always been attractive, has a small change, it's hell. That color scheme may remain the same, but the key lies in the details: tumbling leather replaces the standard smooth white leather, except for the pebbles, the basketball leather on the Swoosh logo. The nylon tongue and white laces remain the same, but the most obvious difference of the shoe appears at the bottom of this combination, thanks to a bold gold lace deubre instead of standard silver. The tongue badge and heel label add a little tonal branding, and the appearance is completed by a white rubber midsole and outsole. Although this design was not officially marketed as an Air Force One aircraft, its attention to detail and popular upgrades exude the same high-quality air.

    2020 Jordan Sneaker will also launch the Protro-style "White Del Sol" Kobe 6 in the spring of 2021 as part of the "POP" (playoff set). This Nike Kobe 6 Protro was originally released in 2011, with white, neutral gray, Del Sol and black color schemes. This pair of shoes will look identical to the original release. Tracking on April 8th, Lego x Adidas Ultra Boost DNA is released, it seems that Lego and Adidas will join their black/green series pairing. This Adidas Ultra Boost uses a black base, suede toe cover in green contrasting color, shoelaces and three stripes of Lego bricks and a heel counter. The white supercharged midsole and the double brand tongue on the black rubber outsole complete the design.

    Buy Jordan 2021 seems to be planning to release another project with the brand later this year. This pair of shoes has not been fully exposed for a year, and it is said that it is part of the upcoming A-ZX movement of the original Adidas. Much like his upcoming superstar collaboration, this model will also have the same "Super Earth" brand on its website. Reebok Classics teamed up with Hasbro to launch a special edition of the "Candy Land" problem Mid, inspired by childhood board games. This Reebok problem Mid provides the game's iconic pink striped candy logo on the tongue and co-branded insoles. The rest of the shoes include elements found in the game, such as the green grassy hill on the rolling tongue, to exude an array of grass-like appearance. Other notable details are the waffle cone collar and chocolate patent leather back panel, while the middle panel directly introduces you to the infamous Rainbow Trail. On the inner tongue you will find the classic "start" notice, along with the inside reading "Allen Iverson Shoes" as a nod to the "Milton Bradley Game" under the sign of the board. The finishing touch includes the number "3" on the heel in Candy Land font with a red playing piece used as a hang tag.