Nike Air Vapormax 2020 Flyknit Light Grey

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    New Jordan ,Although Nike Pegasus 38 made its debut in April of this year, it has been included in an impressive series-Nike's Artist-in-Residence (AIR) series-in which the model was chosen by British model Carrie Anna London ( Kelly Anna London) painted works of art. This performance trainer puts it in Nike's "unity" bag. So far, Nike's series of embracing peace also includes Nike Air Force One and Nike Waffle One. The Pegasus 38 is different from these two styles, because the bright crimson dominates its mesh instead of black. Black only applies to the model's heel, it animates the oversized yellow Swoosh silhouette on the side and the small Swoosh on the inside. The inside is neon blue-green, and the midsole of the Zoom air has chosen a soft blue. All of the aforementioned colors make their way to the insole, which displays a hand-held graphic that echoes a unified message.

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    After the Tokyo Olympics were officially cancelled due to the global pandemic, athletes and brands suddenly gained a lot of time to further prepare for the 2021 Olympics.Nike SB Dunk Low PRO OW 04 of 50 , Nike's approach is to launch a new color story called "Rawdacious" to celebrate the return of the sport with a new understanding of competition and unity. This in itself is the essence of the Olympic Games. Hundreds of countries gathered together to showcase their best talents in fields such as track and field, gymnastics, skateboarding, and basketball. In the Rawdacious series, there are actually only a few new models-one of which is Nike Zoom g.t Run. As the second part of the Nike Basketball "Beyond" series, G.T. Running is for faster athletes, who rely on up and down speed to run as much as possible. Like G.T. Cuts and G.T. Jumps, Run also features a full-length zoom aerial strobel for maximum coverage.

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    Although it is no longer the newest member of the legendary Nike Air Max series, VaporMax FlyKnit 2021 continues to promote the brand's always important "Move to Zero" initiative. Nike Air Vapormax 2020 Flyknit Light Grey Roayl ,So far, this lightweight and comfortable sneaker shows a preference for FlyKnit grayscale design, and FlyKnit's latest proposition has not given up this design. The light-colored upper occupies most of it, while the synthetic reinforcement and heel structure indulge in a bright, dark tone. At the foot, the angular VaporMax device has an ice blue hue, which corresponds to the details of the Nike mill. However, the most eye-catching detail of this upcoming shoe is undoubtedly the bold blue, which brings to life the outline of the shoe body and the tabs on the tongue and heel.,Reminiscent of the once iconic "Concorde" color, the hue further adds to the model's stripes appearing in a soft gray to complement the statement accent.

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