What do you want to add to the Animal Crossing: New Horizons up

  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons lacks rich and interesting content, which has always been a complaint from players. Players have always hoped that Nintendo can add some new events in the 1.10 update of New Horizons, but in addition to a few old events from last year, the 1.10 update does not contain the content players have been waiting for. Therefore, players are curious about the upcoming update, and they hope that all the content that has not been updated will appear in the upcoming update.

    In fact, before the 1.10 update, there were a lot of information leaks, and ACNH Items players will witness two museum upgrades in the future. Everyone hoped that this feature would be included in the 1.10 update, but was disappointed later. According to the leak, the two upcoming upgrades are two independent buildings.

    Most likely, museum shops and museum cafes may be added in this new update. Some players are already excited about museum shops and museum cafes. Therefore, we may see these museum upgrades soon, because they were leaked before the 1.10 update went live. In addition, if Nintendo launches a museum cafe in the future, players will definitely see Brewster.

    In addition, Kapp'n may also appear in the game soon. He is a very iconic character in the Animal Crossing series and has appeared in many previous Animal Crossing games. We may see him reappear in New Horizons and escort players to and from different islands.

    The update we are most likely to see is another crossover from ACNH. The last time Nintendo launched a cross-border game was Mario cross-border game. It provides many items and is very nostalgic for many Super Mario fans, so many players like this update. They were able to create a Super Mario theme island, all thanks to these event exclusive items. The Legend of Zelda is the most prominent candidate across the Animal Crossing Bells border. As the anniversary of The Legend of Zelda is approaching, the community hopes to cross the border between the two classic franchises.

    Some data miners also leaked the function of custom fences in the game. They suggested that Nintendo could set up a mechanism for customizing fence options in New Horizons, which aroused the interest of many players. In response to this demand, Nintendo is likely to add new fence customization features to the game, thereby adding new challenges to players. After all, compared to other Animal Crossing games, New Horizons provides players with more customization options. Therefore, in the new update, Nintendo is likely to add this feature.