Predict the gameplay of Madden 22

  • Although the release time of Madden 22 is not yet known, it can be speculated that a beta version or a demo version will be launched through the trailer. By revealing the actual game screen of the upcoming game, we can predict what the gameplay of Madden 22 might look like.

    Madden 22 game trailer
    The Madden 22 game trailer should be released in the next few weeks, because Madden 21 released nearly 4 minutes of in-depth game exploration on June 23, 2020. We can see a similar decline in Madden 22, and the game trailer will finally give us a glimpse of the actual feel and appearance of playing Madden 22. Although the announcement of the title and the possible release of the trailer like a cover athlete and the reveal trailer are certainly what fans are looking forward to, nothing is more popular than a game trailer.

    Game beta
    It is not clear whether the final beta will be closed or open to the public, but even a limited internal beta can provide key insights into the changes taking place in the game. Although there is no confirmation on the beta version of Madden 22, if EA Sports decides to hold a beta version, it will be the best game preview so far. As for the timing, it may announce a beta version before or on EA Play Live, depending on when EA Sports wants people to resolve it and provide feedback.

    New features
    As the Madden series continues to launch annual releases, it is always a big question of how each new game will be different in the end. Following the frustration of fans in certain areas of Madden 21, the new features we see in Madden 22 may have a huge impact on the game. If you want to learn more about Madden 22, please visit the official website of

    Core gameplay
    Although upgrades elsewhere in Madden 22 will help, nothing has a greater impact on the overall game than the core gameplay. We can see the upgrade of the interaction and animation between the catcher and the defensive guard, and ultimately they must keep in mind the balance between making the game more challenging without alienating casual and new players. If things on the virtual grill do not work well and naturally, then any polishing elsewhere will have no effect.