The WoW Classic Netherdrake mount can be obtained by completing

  • Netherdrake is one of the most beautiful flying mounts in the World of Warcraft Classic's Burning Crusade expansion. If you want to unlock the Netherdrake mount, you need to get it by completing the questline and gaining reputation.

    It is not clear at which stage of Burning Crusade Classic the rest of this quest line will be opened. It seems likely to be the third stage, which includes the Classic TBC Gold raid on the Dark Temple, because that is the stage closest to the initial appearance. The date of the future TBC Classic phase has not yet been determined. However, when the questline is available, you can unlock the Void Dragon Mount in the following ways.

    If you have completed the introductory quest line, you should receive a quest that will send you to a floating island in the southeast corner of the area. Once you get there, you will receive a series of one-off tasks that will result in daily repetitive tasks. Each mission will reward prestige, and at each main prestige level (Friendly, Respect, Respect, Exalted), you will open more access to one-time and daily missions, so the higher the level you get, the grinding of prestige The faster the speed.

    Under the honorable reputation, you will receive a quest line that leads to another accessory that increases your mount speed by 10%. With a friendly reputation, you will receive a trinket that can summon a dragon to fight for you. This accessory will become more powerful at each prestige level.

    You can also find the bound Netherwing Eggs and turn them in for extra reputation, but when this quest line opens for the first time, the competition for these eggs may be fierce. Herbalists, miners and skinners can Buy TBC Classic Gold use their trade skills to obtain additional tasks on the island. When your reputation reaches worship, you will get a Netherdrake color for free. In addition, you need to spend 200 gold coins to buy any other one. By the way, MMOWTS is providing high-quality and safe game currency, welcome to visit!