City Custom Hanging Umbrella User Guide


    Rainy days in New York don’t have to disappoint you. Grab your fantastic look, statement or just a simple functional umbrella, and continue reading.

    Choose the right Custom Hanging Umbrella

    Like suitcases, handbags, and briefcases, your height affects the size of the umbrella you should carry. If your height is six feet three inches, then you can politely manage a large umbrella. If you are 5 feet 2 inches tall, you need to bring a smaller one. Please pay attention to where the sharp metal tip is aligned-if you are tall, you have more flexibility here.
    Grand opening
    Go to the crowd, look around, and then open the umbrella, as if you are about to start twitching. Please don't open it unless you are sure that you have nothing to do with others' eyes, hairstyles, etc.
    Rise and fall, rise and fall
    After use, your umbrella should always be in control. Please pay attention to someone coming towards you, and raise and lower the umbrella as needed to avoid knocking over or making passersby nervous. People without umbrellas have the right of way on the sidewalk (yes, they do). They became very wet, so we let them rush.

    If the rainy weather in your city bothers you, please design in different ways and you may start to like them. Think more about "singing in the rain" and less about "Vertico" or "Howard's End", you will know how to behave in a gray sky.
    Do not run with scissors
    As you learned in grammar school, sharp objects should be perpendicular to your body and carried with you-not protruding in front of or behind you.

    Before entering the room, make sure you have closed your umbrella. This is not a negotiable criterion. Shake your umbrella firmly (outdoor) and then find a reasonable place to store it inside. Is there a tile in the cloakroom or lounge near the door? If someone comes to work or visit you at home when it rains, please take an umbrella and help them dry their coat/jacket before taking the risk again.

    So far, you are undoubtedly considerate and kind. For more gentle reminders and introductions to the etiquette of the city, please follow this blog. Share this article to help keep New York sidewalks safe in April.