A Portable Folding Gazebo Can Form An Area


    Square vs round
    Which Portable Folding Gazebo throws more shadows?
    When choosing the right umbrella for your terrace, balcony, terrace or any outdoor area, many factors will affect: size, type; center pole or offset (cantilever), color and brand.

    Although the location of the umbrella is usually considered first, the first decision is what size and shape to buy, because most manufacturers offer similar sizes and colors.

    The shape and size of the umbrella-octagonal, square or rectangular will determine how much shadow your area will accept. Although most companies call umbrellas "round", they are actually "octagonal."

    So when you compare a 10-foot umbrella with a 10-foot round/octagonal umbrella, the numbers speak for the whole situation.

    A 10-square-foot umbrella has a shadow area of ​​100 square feet, while a round/octagonal umbrella is approximately 71 square feet. Therefore, a square will provide you with nearly 30% shadow coverage.

    If you are looking for maximum sun protection: a square umbrella is the best choice!