Fans of Pokemon Sword and Shield highlight little-known feature


    The Pokemon Sword and Shield introduce many new mechanisms and features in the series: Dynamaxing, the Wild Area and makes curry one of the most famous or most advertised products. However, the game also has some lesser-known features that have been flying in the attention of most players, possibly because the game itself does not even seem to acknowledge their existence.

    Earlier this month, fans found that they could play Pokemon's battle animation on his or her summary page. Recently, a player shared details about the social mechanics hidden inside the camp that this player can build. And then, players Cheap Buy Shiny Pokemon on the PKMBuy store. Camping is an additional new feature. Players can unwind at the Pokemon party to make different kinds of curries, and curry will surely have different effects on Pokemon, for instance restoring health or curing state diseases.

    In a camp, you will see Pokemon from the party wandering around, and quite often they even communicate with each other. Initially, this seemed purely random, but according to Twitter user Anubis, Pokemon Sword and Shield track the sociality of each Pokemon, and this data determines whether Pokemon will interact.

    Anubis wrote that Pokemon's social ability statistics cover anything from 0 to 255. The higher the value, the greater the friendliness of the two Pokemon. As shown by Anubis's Pokemon, this may seem to require both Pokemon to possess high performance. When both of them reach their maximum social skills, the experience describes them the best friends. However, when one of them contains the largest statistic along with the other reaches 0, the action will point out that they are not getting along with each other.

    Anubis conducted further digging to discover what caused the increase in social stats, and obviously, it only would need to make curry or allow Pokemon to have interaction naturally with the other person. Players choose to buy Shiny Pokemon when they can't catch Shiny Pokemon in the game. However, Anubis added that there might be battles between Pokemon, which may lead to a decline in sociality.