Plastic Faucet Suppliers Won't Tell You


    Today, I will provide you with tips and knowledge about buying a faucet for bathroom remodeling or building a new house. Faucet is a high-priced product, you may use it for a long time, so let me help you install it correctly!

    This article is about how to buy a faucet for your bathroom renovation.

    where to
    I always recommend buying a faucet from your local plumbing supplier for bathroom remodeling. The staff are knowledgeable and can ensure you get all the components you need and are more helpful than a large store. In addition, the faucet you buy from the plumbing supply house is usually made of brass parts, while the plastic parts of the faucet purchased in a large box store cannot support daily use well. You should also compare the warranties of the two places. I find that the pipeline supplier’s warranty is also better!
    My opinion
    Before starting a demonstration on an old bathtub, please buy plumbing faucets and coarse water valves as early as possible. Once the work starts, it is not time to make decisions and purchase items.
    When you go to the supply room, please know your fixture budget. Share this budget with your sales staff and they will help you keep your budget within the budget.

    Faucets come in many different finishes, but for me, chrome is th e winner. It is a classic, always stylish, shiny and at the most affordable price! It’s not that plastic is bad. After all, Plastic Faucet Suppliers tout it very high, but my suggestion is to not buy plastic faucets as long as you don’t worry about money. After all, their service life is not long.
    The appearance of sink faucet, shower faucet and bathtub faucet should be the same. Chrome, oiled bronze and stainless steel are the most popular finishes, but check out the new champagne bronze. so cute!
    You don't have to select all taps from the same row.
    Three different types of faucets:

    Wide range (the distance from the center of the handle to the center of another handle is 8 inches). It is easy to clean and has a high look and feel. In your estimate, at least $200 should be set aside for each faucet.
    The most important thing you need to know about shower faucets is that you absolutely must plan for it before you start, because:

    The correct valve must be purchased to match your faucet decoration. The valve is behind the tile, so if it is wrong, replacement means tearing off the tile.
    The placement of control values, diverters, body sprays, handheld devices, etc. may affect your tile design.
    Main shower
    There are too many options for a luxurious shower experience-indeed, the only limitation is your wallet. The cost of super luxury sanitary ware exceeds these lamps. The addition of more features will increase the complexity of the pipeline system, thereby increasing the workload of the pipeline. Therefore, don't spend your budget on fixtures, but take the same amount of money back to work for installation. Based on experience, I usually hope that my material and labor costs are the same.

    Components to consider:
    Body spray
    Hand-held second shower head. I highly recommend this. It makes cleaning very easy.
    I attached a photo from Delta's website that contains these components. Just know that you don't have to install them the same way in the shower. For example, the handheld device can be located on the other side of the shower, and the sprinkler can be located on each side or the back wall of the control valve.

    Main shower assembly diagram
    Guest or hall shower
    For showers that are not in the main bathroom, I recommend a very standard, simple setup like this:
    A very nice feature is to switch the standard shower head to a dual-function shower head/handheld device. If you want to take a bath, it's great to clean children, pets or use it to wash the walls.


    Bathtub faucet
    There are three basic options for bathtub faucet. The type of bathtub you plan to use will largely determine the type of bathtub faucet you choose.

    Freestanding bathtubs are very popular now! The best faucet to be used with a vertical bathtub is a floor-standing bathtub filler. This is the free-standing bathtub and floor-standing filler we just installed:

    If you are in a small space or want to save space, the second option for using a free-standing bathtub is to build a wall shelf and use a faucet installed on the deck. This is a photo we made a few months ago:

    Freestanding bathtub with Roman faucet

    This almost covers my bathroom faucet tutorial! I have one more suggestion: Although I don’t want you to buy faucets online (remember, local suppliers.), I still recommend that you buy windows online. This will help you collect prices to estimate the cost of bathroom renovations.