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  • The downside is that it complicates the NBA 2K MT Coins actions for less seasoned players and increases the learning curve.

    It's a fact that with respect to the gameplay you will find frustrating moments that have not yet been ironed out, such as a 2.16 player near the basket occasionally opting in his own risk to leap back to create an acrobatic shot that we've never taken. Asked rather than popping up the hoop like it is supposed to, but all these are scenarios that we do not encounter frequently. Generally, the game near the basket is what can be considered a pending topic for the toughest (like me, of course). In addition to this addition to the shooting mechanics, new motions also have been added both with and without the ball. We'll locate them very essential since the defense applied from the artificial intelligence of the game has also put the batteries from 1 generation to the next and it will be more challenging to locate clear shots when we don't take care of the craft of blocking or searching for spaces.

    I also liked how the players on my team that controls artificial intelligence are now smarter, by way of instance, producing clarifications for players that are good at one time or coming out of the blocks to request the ball and take free shots. Generally, small contributions that make the sport rounder if possible in the simulations. But another of those workhorses of the franchise is undoubtedly the career mode, where we design our very own participant and accompany him throughout his journey from high school to his professional career in the NBA. In this edition the narrative is more complex and totally new, with Buy 2K MT interesting"extras" that intervene in the key moments of our player's career as though it were a real film (and in fact this is the way that it is conceived in the game.