A large-scale professional challenge event in Path to Exile

  • The path to exile at their community anchor Zizaran is organizing a 10-day occupation Challenge activities. The event is scheduled for June 12 start, racing to upgrade the role to fight and kill the Boss points to understand all occupations in the path of exile of the most difficult encounter performance.

    Class Gauntlet Event will be held as a league event, the event will increase the monster, the monster damage, speed monster, monster elemental damage, reduce resistance and increase player monster lives. Players can buy POE Currency first to increase the competitiveness of the character.

    You only need to log in on the day and click "Join" in the lower right corner of the role selection screen to enter. Players will earn points based on level and specific boss kills. Don’t forget, to get Boss to kill points, you must submit a kill record in the Path of Exile Community Racing Discord.

    The prize pool is crowdfunded by Zizaran's event partners, communities, and community anchors, such as RaizQT, Nguyen, Alkaizerx, Baker, DS_Lily, Zizaran, Badger, Terence_, Lightee7, Steelmage, etc.

    In addition, anchors and their communities will use the funds they raise for the event to create bounties. Bounty is a custom prize that can be awarded to players who achieve specific goals in the event. Players can also follow POE Currency Buy on the trading website.