On the path of exile from different angles

  • On the path of exile, Yafu has played, Guofu has played, and the first thing to vomit is optimization, which is the same as the top equipment card. In fact, GGG is just a talent tree. It's too complicated, but there's no bright spot. The only bright spot is sublimation. After removing sublimation, the rest of the talents are just to strengthen BD's damage and unlimited maximum HP. There are a lot of equipment, such as white, blue, yellow and dark gold pieces, legendary pieces and green sets. I won't list them.


    Skills, this is a more interesting system with POE Currency equipment link system. There are many ways to play. However, BD building tutorials of TIANTI and various forums are everywhere. They are nothing more than a generation of patches. We all learn to copy them mechanically, which leads to the skyrocketing price of national service equipment.


    Links, 6 company clothes, 4 company spare parts, 6 company weapons. This is the configuration everyone wants. There are many pits here. If you don't have a good liver, you don't need to understand it too deeply. If the color is wrong, you have to wash it.


    Path of exile currency, another feature of Poe, is the currency of stones and mirrors with various effects. It can be said that it is a hinge to maintain the liver of Poe. Every day, some people live for the sake of a high stone. It is a good way to never inflation for a long time. But if it is too liver, it will become to watch the Europeans show the poe currency.


    Finally, for a person who doesn't have the heart to study and just wants to brush without brain, Poe is a good game, but it's not a game that can be played. I'd better choose D3 for brush without brain. At least it's optimized and the routine is clear. I can pick up and brush two when I lose it.


    The game is a good game, perfectly inherits the affixes of Diablo 2, and the story has a new development, the talent tree is also more distinctive. On the big frame, it's still dark, so it's better to stay away from those who are afraid of liver. Looking at the answers of other respondents, there is no need to be too biased. The imbalance caused by skill optimization and career optimization can be found in any game, so there is no need to focus on strong BD. In the case of not deliberately pursuing graduation and being on the list, most BD can basically reach the T11 red chart or above, and can fully experience more than 70% of the game content, so the game itself is very conscientious. There are many kinds of BD, there is no need to grasp the expensive copy path of exile currency. Of course, there's a reason why it's expensive. We all want it. It's bound to be expensive. It's not impossible to play with cheap equipment developed by ourselves. It's just a little bit slower and a little bit more difficult. As for TX operation, the server is relatively stable, and the version update will be slightly slow for about half a month, and basically synchronized. The only one that has been criticized is the optimized market of national service. The foreign service market only needs to buy an advanced warehouse page and set it to public poe items. GM season, the price seems to be about 90 R. The market page of national service is small. You need to buy it separately every season. The RMT problem also exists in foreign countries, but it's only serious in China. There is also a foreign service for live bpathcast anchor, but the domestic atmosphere is not good, cheating and killing pigs, including the deliberate spread of Trojan horse number theft in the anchor group. But Tencent is not to blame. It's a human problem.