The Composition Of Portable Folding Gazebo

  • Portable Folding Gazebo product composition:
      The sunshade series products are unique in shape and beautiful in appearance. What's more outstanding is its high strength, high durability, UV protection and temperature insulation effect. According to the JIS standard, it is effective to take into account the resistance to snow (the load of 875px snow) and the resistance to strong wind (resistance to 42m/s strong wind).
      Aluminum alloy frame and surface: high-strength aluminum alloy material is used, and the connection between the column and the ceiling is reinforced with a built-in galvanized steel structure, which is safer and firmer. The surface of the aluminum alloy is treated by powder electrostatic spraying, and the oxidation resistance is more than 30 years.
      Sun visor: It is made of high-strength impact-resistant polycarbonate material, which is about 200 times stronger than glass. The raw materials are imported from Germany and processed in China. UV protection materials (UV) are added through the double-sided co-extrusion process, which can effectively block more than 98% of ultraviolet rays, protect the surface paint of automobiles, and effectively control the continuous rise of temperature. At the same time, it also has a flame retardant effect, and can be used normally for more than 30 years under an environment of -30°C to 60°C (heat deformation phenomenon occurs at 137°C).
      The downspout of Rattan Wicker Furniture suppliers: high-strength aluminum alloy material, unique humanized design, to avoid the second pollution to you when the ceiling water falls to the ground. The structure is reasonable and easy to clean, which can easily remove the dirt in the pipe.