Website monitoritng importance and way to provide it

  • Monitoring a website 24/7 is very important to maintain the stability and availability of the website. Various tools are available to the webmaster for this. But most of them require some scripting skills like manual launch and control, so they don't overreact when needed. This allows the webmaster to perform some diagnostic checks, but not track the website. So, for proper monitoring, every website administrator needs truly flexible and automated tools, and HostTracker is one of the best out there.

    All in all, it is a fully automated web-based monitoring toolkit. It includes a wide range of services that every website owner may need to monitor any website from every available point of view. There are many different accessibility and accessibility checks, globally simulated access and download speed tests, blacklist checks, and more, up to server monitoring routines. And of course, it has some additional features that are somewhat business-specific, such as advertising controls and content review. 

    On top of basic and advanced features, just to let you try them all, each feature is available for free to every newly registered user. Literally, you can try everything for 30 days after registration during the free trial period. Everything is available, configurable and can be integrated into the instant notification system. It supports almost all messaging systems, from various instant messengers to SMS and phone calls, so the system will notify you if something goes wrong during automatic monitoring.

    And if the webmaster is a novice and does not know something or there are problems during setup and configuration, there is a blog and frequently asked questions that contain useful information on each available service. Online support service is also always on hand to help each user deal with any problem they might have. Its specialists, available 24/7, will provide you with a lot of useful solutions and will surely help you sort things out in no time.

    So, if you want to have something that will do all the monitoring, then HostTracker should be your first toolkit to try and use among all the others. This will give you everything you need, plus some more. Its monitoring services are highly configurable, easy to configure, and completely self-contained. Thus, these services will save you time because you do not need to view the results of these tests - it will notify you of each failed test exactly the way you set up its sequence. And everything will be automated by reporting problems.