The exotic gun in Path Of Exile Expedition is similar to Destin

  • It will release Path Of Exile Expedition this Friday, it has a new skill gem, and it works exactly the same as the popular Destiny 2 gun. Although Path Of Exile and Destiny 2 are two completely different games, most Destiny 2 players may be familiar with the new content of the former's latest upcoming expansion. Path Of Exile players mainly use skill gems to cause damage. Skill gems can be embedded in equipment and connect them to auxiliary gems to increase their damage output or change their way of working.

    In Path Of Exile, there will be a new bow and arrow skill gem called Storm Rain. It launches an arrow into the sky, and it finally lands and causes damage on POE Currency. Then it will stick to the ground and regularly attack the enemy. Inflict lightning damage. Using this skill multiple times can connect the arrows with each other through a bolt of lightning, creating a piece of land where the enemy is constantly hurting. Destiny 2 players may know a special Exotic gun called Anarchy, which can be combined with mod Breach and Clear to get more damage. The storm of Path Of Exile is basically anarchy, and it does not launch this new skill gem with a large grenade launcher.

    Path Of Exile and Destiny 2 have more in common than it seems on the surface, including in these two games, players can use their own wisdom to create peculiar to deal with various content. Where Path Of Exile has skill gems, auxiliary gems and unique items, Destiny 2 comes with guns. Each gun has its own privilege pool, exotic items and various modules to choose from. In Path Of Exile, players who want to get better equipped weapons can also get them through POE Currency Buy.

    When Path Of Exile Expedition is released on PC this Friday, it remains to be seen how much it actually hurts. This new member of Path Of Exile's skill gem series may be an Easter egg, even enough to guarantee a build around it. This shows that even very different games are likely to have some interesting similarities. It will release Path Of Exile Expedition on PC and Mac on July 23, 2021, and on Xbox One and PS4 on July 28 Release, players who love Path Of Exile can prepare POE Currency in advance.