Path Of Exile is weakening everything, and players are disappoi

  • The Expeditionary Alliance requires you to move slowly and often die. This Friday, Path Of Exile’s latest league Expedition will be released soon. From the very beginning, the developers of Grinding Gear Games stated that this alliance will change the “meta” of Path Of Exile and expect a lot of weakening. They covered reveal stream, but really moved forward at full speed in their balance manifesto and patch notes.

    Games will become more difficult in every way, and this usually includes removing interesting interactions and mechanics. For mana, in the upcoming patch, players will definitely lack mana more than ever. Comprehensive support gems will add more mana to its additional skills. Now triggering skills such as “cast on critical strike” or “cast on damage” will POE Currency Buy. This change is besides the damage reduction of all the damage-focused auxiliary skills in the game range, so if you notice that the damage numbers of many major skills have been increased, please note that this is to offset the auxiliary gem nerfs.

    GGG has stated that they want to slow down the game, and the previous league Ultimatum’s return was too high, so it lost the player retention rate. They increased their movement speed in almost every aspect, but it is possible that the expedition team’s retention rate will also be poor, because players will feel frustrated prematurely, because players in the Path Of Exile fan base have expressed their disappointment. Everything has two sides. Some players differ from the disappointed players. They expressed interest and prepared POE Currency early.

    For some players, they disagree and completely hate the changes that GGG continues to make to the game because they want to experience something new. In particular, these behaviors may actually be a little more normal than normal. Some players spend most of their time brainstorming and creating alternative versions. They may look forward to the 19 new skill gems added to the game and buy POE Currency to configure better equipment for their characters.