Path of Exile talks about Item Filter and Passive Tree before t

  • Path Of Exile: Expedition is released today, and many players are looking forward to the launch of the new expansion. Before the release, there were a lot of updates information revealed one after another, and Grinding Gear Games also shared information about item filters and passive trees before the 3.15 Expedition expansion pack. This is what you need to know.

    In the expedition, you will join the Kalguuran expedition, and you will take on excavating cultural relics when you make a deal with some new merchants in Wraeclast. In addition, you need to strategically place explosives underground, which you can detonate. But once these explosives explode, all kinds of monsters will come out. You need to defeat them. After collecting ancient rune artifacts from the expedition camp, you can trade with Kalguuran merchants who wish to collect them. In the game, you can still buy POE Currency to improve your character’s strength.

    However, prior to its release, GGG provided information on changes to the passive tree besides the item filter function. For the latter, you will select item categories by category, but only if there is only one category for that category. This will make the filter “backwards compatible”. GGG lists other changes, such as changes to the changed basic types: “Thrusting One Hand Sword” item level changed to “One Hand Sword”, “Blessed Boots” renamed “Fugitive Boots”, Diamond Flask item type is now “Utility Flasks” instead of “Utility Flask Critical”, Lesser Poison Support is now called Chance to Poison Support, and Poison Support is now called Critical Strike Affliction Support.

    Having said that, are you looking forward to the release of the new extension? Expedition will be launched today, all players who love Path Of Exile, must not miss it! Hurry and Buy POE Currency, and experience it as soon as it is released! I believe this will be a more unique experience.