Path of Exile developers admit that there are too many types of

  • Path of Exile: The Expedition update has just landed, and the response so far has been mixed. The developer published an article outlining some changes in the game and responding to some of the most common criticism points. It provided POE Currency in Expedition and there are many currency items. Grinding Gear Games is confident that this applies to the current content design, but more broadly, they know that there are too many types of fragments in Path of Exile.

    Expedition has 20 different currency items, distributed among four different suppliers. Path of Exile avoids the gold system for various reasons, and the purpose of decentralizing so many currency types is to encourage players to spend time with different suppliers and allow them to buy POE Currency more strategically. Developers said that this has led to the use of 20 currencies by vendors, and it feels like a lot. However, because players can hide them in the expedition locker immediately after the encounter, the diversity of currency types does not really cause additional inconvenience. No matter if they have one, four, or twenty, players still have to Buy POE Currency and hide them.

    Players do not fully believe this reasoning. They complain that having to store so much currency from inventory that is already full of other types of items is just annoying busy work. Either way, the developers added they heard the voices of the players. There are too many types of fragments in Path of Exile. They will pay attention to this in the design of future versions.

    Currently, Expedition suppliers are getting some quality of life POE Currency, so the supplier window will show the number of running artifacts you currently have. Expedition still brings a lot of new content, which will bring players a unique experience different from the previous one. Path Of Exile: Expedition is still worth trying, come on!