Path of Exile: Expedition starts on the console

  • It’s time to start a new expedition through Path of Exile, because the latest expansion of the game will land on Xbox and PlayStation consoles. Path of Exile’s latest free expansion pack, Expedition, has already landed on PC. It is available today on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PS4, bringing a new Expedition Challenge League, additional merchant NPCs, more skills and giving and the game is balanced. If this is not enough, new skill gems and items have been brought, as well as a new flask system.

    For Path of Exile players on Xbox and PlayStation, this is an important day, so the equipment and weapons that players gained by Buy POE Currency can now be used in new games. With the expedition, players will encounter Kalguur. They will go to Wraeclast to follow in the footsteps of their ancient settlers and retrieve their lost artifacts. If players want to help retrieve artifacts from the marked expedition locations, they must strategically place explosives and detonate them throughout the location, and defeat the monsters, and then players may be rewarded.

    Path of Exile’s expedition on game consoles, PC and Mac also introduces a series of new gems that cater to various game styles, providing players with powerful new options to build their characters. There will be a diverse set of 19 new skills and support gems, designed to provide new options for almost as many characters. Players will have more choices to build their own characters.

    In addition, developers have rebalanced the game system, and the flask system has been redesigned to provide additional flexibility. Players who have not tried it and are interested in the new expansion can now prepare enough POE Currency to join the battle. I hope all players can have an excellent performance in the game. Come on!